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We offer a wide variety of services and programs that utilize drumming, rhythm, dance and movement and the didgeridoo to facilitate improvement across many different facets of one’s experience of the world.


OneVibe Events – Don’t Miss Out!

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(Almost) Spring Equinox Celebration!
with Drum Circle and Sound Healing
Friday, March 15, 7:00-9:00 pm $25 
with Judy and Dave Estes (Register with 
RSVP please

Our struggles though the dark create alchemy for our awakening into the light. Join us for this drum circle followed by resting in the sweetness of Judy’s crystal singing bowls and Dave’s Didgeridoo. Dave will bring lots of drums but feel free to bring yours! No drum? No problem. There will be a drum for you. Tonight we will let go and draw in new light from the upcoming Solstice energy. First drum your joy, then rest in peaceful sounds.

 JUdy and Dave 2

Judy Christine Copp, M.Ed, BCPP, RMT
A Higher Balance
201 Washington St., 6B
Salem, MA 01970



A trio that is NOT to be missed!!

Michael Longrider and Lester Greenwood

with Dave Estes on the Didgeridoo

Saturday, March 16, 7 pm at The Serenity Café in Rye

Reserved seating for 30 people only. $30 per person. Advanced purchase recommended.

See details on our Special Events Page!!!



This coming Tuesday, March 19th, 7-830pm at Serenity Café in Rye, NH, free to the public:

Did you know that New Hampshire’s rates for alcohol and drug misuse by youth and young adults are some of the highest in the nation?

How much do you really know that your kids already do? Help your kids make positive choices by getting up-to-date on what’s really happening in their lives.

Serenity Cafe and OneVibe Healing welcome Portsmouth resident Stephen J. Arnold, Retired Portsmouth Detective and ex-NH Attorney General’s Narcotics Investigator, as he presents a “modified” drug awareness program for parents, grandparents, teachers, public administrators and others in the community to help understand the true current state of affairs and “things” kids (and others) today are doing,  actions we can take to help young people choose drug-free lifestyles, how to recognize signs of alcohol and drug abuse, and assist those moving through this particular age.

Stephen is a very humble man who has stated that his greatest pleasure is not arresting someone. It comes from aiding some person in turning their life around to create goodness in this world when they had been in such dire straits. Steve’s accomplishments have included President of the NH Police Association, Board member of the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association, member of NH Homeland Security Committee, the NH Death Penalty Commission and currently on the Governor’s Public Safety Transition team. Steve has also been awarded the NH Congressional award twice for his work in the narcotics field. Come meet this big-hearted man in person, he’s your neighbor and he has great stuff to share.

Jacqui Harmon of Serenity Café and Dave Estes of OneVibe Healing are especially excited to have Steve present real-world information right after the recent release of the 5 year plan titled “Collective Action-Collective Impact: NH’s Strategy for Reducing the Misuse of Alcohol and Other Drugs and Promoting Recovery” issued by the Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and other Drug Abuse.

OneVibe Healing and Serenity Café co-sponsor the Seacoast Monthly Community Series held at 7pm every third Tuesday at The Serenity Café in Rye, NH (Foye’s Corner).

This monthly Community Series is based on the Native Hopi American saying: “Now is the time, and we are the one’s we have been waiting for”. This is a call for accountability and action by all those who truly want to make this world a better place right now and for generations to come, long after we are gone.

Explore ways to reduce your carbon footprint.  Come learn some new things from your neighbors that are easy to incorporate into your lifestyle that help preserve the world for generations to come. A very broad range of topics will be covered, a new one each month: current trends and future energy systems including solar, biofuels and more, green building and architectural techniques, healthy food ideas and techniques, permaculture, money management techniques to teach your kids, women’s empowerment programs …and more.

Gatherings are informal and strictly educational “Town Meeting” format. All ages welcome so come be with family and friends. The full menu from Serenity Café will be available during these events.

Free to the public. Donations accepted.



Spring Equinox ~ Wed March 20 2013, 7-9 pm, $20  

Summer Solstice ~ Fri June 21 2013, 7-9 pm, $20
Autumn Equinox ~ Sat September 21 2013, 8-10 pm, $20
Winter Solstice ~ Sat December 21 2013, 7-9 pm, $20

The Center at Westwoods Meditation Hall

590 Gay Street Westwood MA 02090

Facilitated by Tonia Pinheiro (vocals, crystal bowls, percussion), 

with Alan Stonewolf, Daniel Schmidt and David Estes (Didgeridoo);
Freeana Werth (vocals, flutes); Daniel Shea (drums, percussion).

In partnership with The Worldwide Solstice & Equinox DidgeridooMeditation founded by in Australia, we will join with hundreds of other gatherings around the Earth for this quarterly Sound Healing Meditation. We send waves and frequencies of Sound and Light to heal and restore to wholeness every layer, place, and living being on the planet  as we embody these frequencies and healing intentions within us.  

 Bring your small drum, rattle or other rhythm instrument to play during the Rhythm Dance Jam following the meditation! And check out the videos from our December 21st Birth 2012 event:

Contact Tonia at wakeupworks @ if you plan to attend.


OnGoing Monthly: Every Third Monday, 6:30pm

Monthly Drumming Jam and Didgeridoo Meditation

A Higher Energy Healing and Learning Center

14 Canal Street, Somersworth, NH 03878

6:30 pm ~ 8:00pm

Suggested Donation $15.00

Beach didge  2

Please see our Events-Ongoing page… 

 Either contact Dave at or go through See you there!


and just some of our ongoing Vibration every month, be sure to check that page, too:

Drumming Circle – Every Third Thursday at The Serenity Café in Rye, NH!! See you at 7pm…

See our events page for more info.


The Serenity Café at Foye’s Corner in Rye, NH. $8 admission.

Open to all, we have some drums if you don’t have one. Bring whatever you have.

Each session will have an intent and time for some “open jam”.

 Tell your friends!  

Contact Dave Estes for more details/directions/etc.

Come celebrate the power of Rhythm with the OneVibe Tribe!


Ongoing at Yoga By Donation – Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Dave’s Shamanic Journey Work (4th Tuesday)

Shamanic journey work is a process that assists you in connecting directly to your guides.  Utilizing the sound of a drum and/or didgeridoo, the shamanic journey is a special state of trance consciousness that enables communication with the energy or spirit of the universe.  Through this practice you will discover and communicate with both animal and spirit guides.  In addition to these connections, you will be able to ask questions about yourself and your purpose, helping you to find guidance on your path.  



Other Offerings – Scheduled Per Request

Dave’s Men’s Authenticity Workgroup 

This special class for men is about discovering and removing blockages in the pathway to being fully ‘Male’ in today’s society.  It is also about understanding the effects of societal, familial and ancient conditioning on men in order to help us move toward more powerful masculine energy in our daily lives.

Dave’s Shamanic Exploration 

In this class we will explore several different shamanic methods used to connect with and to utilize the constant steady stream of pure positive energy that connects and creates ALL.  These methods include journeying, dream work and body movement, all to facilitate knowledge and expression of your unique and true purpose on this Earth.


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